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Our innovation agenda is to solve real-world business problem. We have assembled a team of experts range from top-end academicians, research scholars, technology geeks to identify a problem/opportunity, ideate solution and implement using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning/Deep Learning and other technologies.
SocialComm.AI - AI driven real time Social Communication Platform (Patent pending)

To provide an automated method of processing social media messages via our Artificial Intelligence platform to improve customer delight and operational productivity improvements.

For Customers to communicate in near-real time.
Companies to proactively communicate with its customers.
Addressing public messaging issues, not generic responses.
Open a new revenue channel for the companies.
CustomerCare.AI - Improving Contact Centre Efficiency

Purpose built AI platform derived from Smith-Waterman algorithm and implemented as an API based server-side system, to improve operational efficiency in customer care voice-based calls

Call Centre consultants spend 7-8 minutes for every call for summarising and typing customer call details into the job tracking system (After call work).
CustomerCare.AI auto summarizes the customer care voice-based calls to improve the operational efficiency by 80%.
Improved customer experience and Net Promoter Score (NPS).
AI driven platform (Machine learning algorithms) to perform automated sentiment analysis.
SmartATS.AI - AI enabled Application Tracking System for Smart Recruitment

An AI based platform that can access the untapped best suited pool of talent for a role.


Most critical challenges are to identify best suited candidates for a requirement.
75% of candidates identify themselves as passive (not actively searching for a job change while they are open for a shift).
Recruiters are fighting for their pie within the rest of 25% candidates actively available in the market.

Our Solutions

Understand the requirement and the candidates.
Search publicly available information about a candidate.
Get insightful perspectives, interests, knowledge, network, social footprint, contributions in different forums & professional communities.
Learns and evolves continuously based on the usage, search patterns, etc.
Rank potential hires according to their role suitability.
Learn and fine tune suggestions based on companies’ approvals and rejections.
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